Clarke County Democratic Committee (CCDC)


Dear Friends,


It’s official. We now have an opponent in Georgia’s 10th District U.S. Congressional race. All of our groundwork has led to this kickoff and now we can continue on this path to victory in November. I know this race will not be easy, but with your help, I believe we will win. I am excited to bring fresh and effective leadership to Georgia. I am the only candidate that can do this.


As your next Congressman, I will tackle the issues that are affecting working families and their futures. I have traveled throughout the district and I know there are many pertinent issues facing families today.


My background as a lawyer and businessman has taught me that we need job creation to revitalize our economy. Businesses want to invest in well-educated communities and therefore I believe education is the key to prosperity. I will seek funding for education and small businesses that want to utilize Georgia’s attractive tax code.


To preserve this country for our families and children, I will to take a conservative and balanced approach to government spending. I will work to responsibly rein in federal spending, government waste, inefficiency, and excessive entitlement dependency.


As your next Congressman, my pledge is to restore faith in Congress and work acrossparty lines. We need workable solutions that work for all. We cannot afford to allow another candidate who has the same political philosophy as our previous Congressman to represent us in Washington-not again, not this time. I will offer real solutions, real legislation, real workable answers, for real families.


Let’s show a united front this election. We need voters to show up at polls, register new voters and we need a well funded campaign. Talk to your friends, your neighbors, forward this email to 10 friends now, let’s have real dialogues about real issues. Connect with me now and Join our movement.


I know we can do this. I believe we can win.




Ken Dious

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