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Why am I Running?
Dear Friends and Supporters, 

As I travel throughout the 10th District, the #1 question I’m asked is  ”Why am I running for Congress? Why now?” 

I’m running for office because I see a critical need in the 10th District . I know this district; I have lived and served the people of this area for over forty years. I am concerned about the lack of past leadership and the continued under-representation citizens of our district. I am running for this office because in order to bring Georgia back to prosperity, we must stop voting against our own interests. 


What does the 10th District need?

What does it say that most of the 10 poorest states are Republican?


It says what they are doing is not working. We need to focus on economic development, job creation, and a true investment in our public education system.
Middle-income workers are increasingly being pushed into lower-wage jobs. Many of them displace less-skilled, lower-income workers, who then become unemployed or are forced to work fewer hours. Georgia’s attractive tax code and advantages to businesses needs to be promoted, but these businesses will not come here if we do not invest in our schools to produce competitive and skilled workers.
My background as an attorney and business owner has taught me that job creation will revive our nation, restore the disappearing middle class, and propel us toward a future in which the American Dream is once again within everyone’s reach.
I am listening. While self-serving politicians are putting their own interests ahead of Georgia’s progress, I am listening to what real people want and need in the 10th District. I want to continue to hear from you and your valuable feedback. Will you invite me to an event near you?  I’d welcome the opportunity to hear your thoughts and spend time in your community.
Thanks for your support,Ken

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