Name: Jared H. Bailey

Email Address:

Running For: Commission District 5

Are you a Democrat? Yes

If elected, will you work to enact the ACCDC platform? (Attached in the email we sent you.) Yes

Have you ever been a member of the ACCDC? If you have, please indicate your years of service and describe your work with the ACCDC.

Yes, I was a member for a year in 2010.

Please list all campaigns you have worked on, regardless of party affiliation, in either a volunteer or staff member capacity, on either the federal, state, or local level, and briefly describe your work on each.

  • ACC Mayoral Race 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006- volunteer
  • ACC District 5 Race 2010, 2014, 2018- candidate

Please describe any work you have done in your community, either in Athens-Clarke County or elsewhere, in support of progressive causes.

Athens-Clarke County Commissioner for District 5 2011-2018.
See the list for the next question below for other information.

Please list organizations and/or causes you have been involved with in any kind of substantial way.


  • Arts and Economic Prosperity Partners- Co-chair- 2011-2012
  • Athens Area Arts Council- Founding Board Member 1996-2003, President 2001-2003
  • Athens Area Chamber of Commerce- Chair Arts-As-Industry Task Force 1991
  • Canopy Studios – Treasurer 2004-2007
  • Morton Theatre Corporation Board – Treasurer 2004-2008
  • Community Athens Bar and Restaurant Association- Secretary 1993-1994,
  • President 1994-1995
  • Athens Non-Profit Holiday Charity Coalition – Chair 2005-2007
  • Community Connection Latino Advisory Committee-Chair 2006-2007
  • Downtown Athens Business Association – President 2007-2014
  • Jeannette Rankin Foundation- High Hat Fundraiser Committee-2010-2013

Economic Development

  • Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau – Advisory Board 2006-Present
  • Athens-Clarke County Atlanta Highway Corridor Study Committee- Member 2012-Present
  • Athens-Clarke County Economic Development Foundation- Board 2005-2007
  • Athens-Clarke County Entrepreneur Friendly Designation Task Force – Chair 2006-2007
  • NEGA Regional Commission Comprehensive Economic Development Committee- 2012


  • Athens-Clarke County Audit Committee- Member 2011- Present, Chair 2011-2012
  • Athens-Clarke County Community Oriented Police – Chair, Alcohol Issues Committee 1994-1998
  • Athens-Clarke County Government Operations Committee- Board 2011-Present
  • Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services – Advisory Board 2006-2010
  • Athens-Clarke County Public Facilities Authority – Member 2013- Present
  • Clarke County Superior Court Grand Jury – Foreman 1997


  • Athens-Clarke County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Task Force – Chair 1995-1997
  • Clarke County Board of Health- Chair 2011-Present
  • Mental Health Association of NEGA – Board 1994-1997, President 1995, State Board Delegate 1996
  • NEGA Homeless Coalition- Member 2005-2007

Natural Resources

  • Clarke County Wildlife Association- Vice President 2002-2003
  • Georgia Museum of Natural History – Member 2014-Present
  • The Orianne Society, Member 2012-Present
  • Southeast Deer Study Group Association – National Convention Committee 1999-2001
  • State Botanical Garden of Georgia Member 2012-Present
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Florida Panther Recovery Team – Board 2002-2003

If elected, what will be your policy priorities? Please describe 3 – 5 priorities.

  • Safe and Prosperous Community for all Citizens
  • Neighborhood Empowerment and Engagement
  • Effective Stewardship of all Community Resources
  • Open and Inclusive Government

Does your campaign have a platform? If so, please include a link here.

If for some reason this link does not work correctly please contact me and I will gladly supply a copy of my platform.

Do you support raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour? Yes

Do you support making it easier for workers to organize and join unions?Yes

Will you support policies aimed at increasing the stock of affordable housing in in-town neighborhoods and making home-ownership more possible for ACC’s low-income residents? Yes

Would you support initiatives to help keep longtime Athens residents in their homes — people who are in danger of being pushed out of their neighborhoods by gentrification and rising taxes? Yes

Do you support equal pay for equal work for women? Yes

Should marijuana should be removed from the list of “Schedule 1” federal controlled substances? Yes

Should local law enforcement agencies be required to assist federal immigration law enforcement agencies with deportations? No

Should military-style weapons be accessible to civilians? No

Do you support repealing the Campus Carry law? Yes

Do you support incentivizing investments in clean energy and ending tax breaks and other perks for fossil fuel companies? Yes

Do you support increasing protections for wetlands buffers to help keep our waterways uncontaminated? Yes

Do you support comprehensive non-discrimination legislation in ACC? Yes

Should it be illegal for public businesses and institutions to discriminate against LBGTQ people? Yes

Do you support the expansion of Medicaid in Georgia? Yes

Do you support the goal of Universal healthcare – healthcare as a fundamental human right for every American? Yes

Should all state education funds should be directed to public schools? Yes

What are your thoughts about how to secure safe schools for all students?

I am not sure what we can do better than what we are doing. However, this question is not relevant to the race for Athens-Clarke County Commission. The ACC Government does not have oversight of schools, the Clarke County Board of Education does.

Do you support the current Teacher Retirement System of Georgia? Yes

Should legislation requiring electoral districts be drawn by an independent, nonpartisan redistricting commission? Yes

Do you support restoring the full protections of the Voters Rights Act?  Yes