Name: Kara Dyckman

Email Address:

Running For: School Board District 5

Are you a Democrat? Yes

If elected, will you work to enact the ACCDC platform? (Attached in the email we sent you.) Yes

Have you ever been a member of the ACCDC? If you have, please indicate your years of service and describe your work with the ACCDC. No

Please list all campaigns you have worked on, regardless of party affiliation, in either a volunteer or staff member capacity, on either the federal, state, or local level, and briefly describe your work on each.

I have not worked on any campaigns in the past.

Please describe any work you have done in your community, either in Athens-Clarke County or elsewhere, in support of progressive causes.

I have been a member of the Chase St. Elementary School Local School Governance Team (LSGT) for the past year and a half. This is not necessarily a progressive cause, but LSGTs do make recommendations and decisions for the local schools, and therefore can advocate for progressive policies in the schools.

Please list organizations and/or causes you have been involved with in any kind of substantial way.

Chase St. Elementary School LSGT – see above
Although I do not have a lot of experience with organizations and causes, I feel that being on the school board would be a way for me to use my skills and perspective to be of service to our community – especially to the kids in Athens.

If elected, what will be your policy priorities? Please describe 3 – 5 priorities.

  • EQUITY: Ensuring equity in our schools and district means that every student gets the support that they need. Students come to us from different backgrounds with different experiences, and so they have different needs. No matter which school they attend in our district, we need to make sure that we have the resources to meet the academic and socio-emotional needs of all of our students.
  • SAFETY: Students and staff need to feel safe and valued in their schools, and parents need to know that the district and individual schools are doing everything they can to keep their children safe, both physically and emotionally. Risks to student safety can come from people outside the school, but they can also come from other people within the school. School safety plans need to be evaluated and updated with changing circumstances, and the broader community needs to be kept informed.

Does your campaign have a platform? If so, please include a link here. Yes –

Do you support raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour? Yes

Do you support making it easier for workers to organize and join unions? Yes

Will you support policies aimed at increasing the stock of affordable housing in in-town neighborhoods and making home-ownership more possible for ACC’s low-income residents? Yes

Would you support initiatives to help keep longtime Athens residents in their homes — people who are in danger of being pushed out of their neighborhoods by gentrification and rising taxes?  Yes

Do you support equal pay for equal work for women? Yes

Should marijuana should be removed from the list of “Schedule 1” federal controlled substances? Yes

Should local law enforcement agencies be required to assist federal immigration law enforcement agencies with deportations? No

Should military-style weapons be accessible to civilians? No

Do you support repealing the Campus Carry law? Yes

Do you support incentivizing investments in clean energy and ending tax breaks and other perks for fossil fuel companies? Yes

Do you support increasing protections for wetlands buffers to help keep our waterways uncontaminated? Yes

Do you support comprehensive non-discrimination legislation in ACC? Yes

Should it be illegal for public businesses and institutions to discriminate against LBGTQ people? Yes

Do you support the expansion of Medicaid in Georgia? Yes

Do you support the goal of Universal healthcare – healthcare as a fundamental human right for every American? Yes

Should all state education funds should be directed to public schools? Yes

What are your thoughts about how to secure safe schools for all students?

Safety is one of the biggest issues we face in our schools, and it goes well beyond ensuring that a gunman can’t enter our schools. We need to make sure our children and teachers feel safe, both physically and emotionally. I would advocate for having more people in the schools who are trained in mental health (either social workers or psychologists), who can form relationships and work with our students. With regard to keeping our schools safe from a mass shooter, I don’t have the expertise to create a plan for that, but I do think that it is critical to work with and listen to people who do. I do know that I do not support arming teachers.

Do you support the current Teacher Retirement System of Georgia?

Should legislation requiring electoral districts be drawn by an independent, nonpartisan redistricting commission? Yes

Do you support restoring the full protections of the Voters Rights Act? Yes