ACCDC Resolution on Decriminalizing Marijuana

At the November 30 ACCDC meeting, a resolution on decriminalizing marijuana was passed. The full text of the resolution is below and also can be viewed on this Google doc:

A Resolution of the Athens-Clarke County Democratic Committee
Whereas, the criminalization of marijuana possession leads to arrests, incarceration, and criminal records that destroy lives,

Whereas, despite using marijuana at similar rates, black Athenians are more than four times more likely than white Athenians to be arrested for marijuana possession, contributing to a racist system of mass incarceration,

Whereas, the disproportionate targeting of black people in the criminal justice system has created a new racial caste system that systematically excludes a class of people largely defined by race from economic, housing, and other opportunities in our society,

Whereas, people using marijuana for medicinal purposes should not have to fear being arrested for their medicine,

Whereas, the abuse of drugs is a public health issue, not a crime issue,

Whereas, Clarkston and Atlanta have led the way in showing that Georgia localities can decriminalize marijuana,

Be it resolved that the Athens-Clarke County Democratic Committee urges the ACC Mayor and Commission to decriminalize marijuana possession of less than one ounce in ACC and to develop public health awareness and initiatives to reduce drug abuse. We commit ourselves to working alongside allies in the community to advocate for this policy change as part of the larger struggle for racial justice in our community and our society.