Vote the Democratic Ticket – Election Day is November 6!

Early voting begins October 15. Vote early to help your candidates make the most of their resources before election day! 

The following Democratic candidates will be on the November 6 ballot for the General Election.

Stacey Abrams

Website: Stacey Abrams
Stacey’s Facebook

Sarah Riggs Amico
Lieutenant Governor

Sarah’s Facebook

Josh McCall
US House, GA District 9

Website: Josh McCall
Josh’s Facebook

Tabitha Johnson-Green
US House, GA District 10

Website: Tabitha Johnson-Green
Tabitha’s Facebook

Marisue Hilliard
GA State Senate District 46

Website: Marisue Hilliard
Marisue’s Facebook

Dawn Hawkins Johnson
GA State Senate District 47

Dawn’s Facebook

Deborah Gonzalez (Incumbent)
GA State House Rep District 117

Website: Deborah Gonzalez
Deborah’s Facebook

Spencer Frye (Incumbent)
GA State House Rep District 118

Website: Spencer Frye
Spencer’s Facebook 

Jonathan Wallace (Incumbent)
GA State House District 119

Website: Wallace for 119
Jonathan’s Facebook

John Barrow
Secretary of State

Website: John Barrow
John’s Facebook

Charlie Bailey
State Attorney General

Website: Charlie for Georgia
Charlie’s Facebook

Otha Thornton
State School Superintendent

Website: Otha Thornton
Otha’s Facebook

Janice Laws
Insurance Commissioner

Website: Janice Laws
Janice’s Facebook 

Fred Swann
State Agriculture Commissioner

Fred’s Facebook


Richard Keatley
State Labor Commissioner

Richard’s Facebook

Lindy Miller
Public Service Commissioner

Lindy’s Facebook

Dawn Randolph
Public Service Commissioner

Dawn’s Facebook